Monday, June 23, 2003

There are many stories that told of desires to travel through time and into the future. Without realizing, sometimes, the average person harbours such desire. Humankind, it seems, impatient to witness either Man’s ultimate triumph or his apocalypse. And as a race that is blind to the obvious, we try to manifest this desire in the false absolute seat of science.

“Making a possibility is a reality, predicting a future we all know…”
“Science doesn’t recognize the single most important element of human existence.”
-Serj Tankian.

Science is flawed. Science is an ability we gained through knowledge. Why do I say ability is because it simply is; it is a product of thorough, critical, analytical & rational thinking. And because we have achieved great wonders over our planet, we forget or for some refuse to recognize the elements of human existence that cannot be explained by science.

We in fact, have the ability to move through the future but not when we are still occupying this vessel called the human body. It gets more interesting because we move through time via our legacies. Our offspring are the vehicles of time. They are the future. That is why children are often referred to as being gifts from God. Precious as they are, children are our amanah. We mould them eventually into what they become in the future.

I have seen how children gone rogue, a result of bad parenting. Where mothers’ neglect and fathers’ frustration becomes a child’s sickness. Sickness has many manifestations and it overrun the faculties of the child in ways he can never truly comprehend. It affects either mind or body and sometimes both. This sickness can either have a devastating or enlightening conclusion. But truly, it (the cure or meaning) appeals to those who remembers the single most important thing of human existence.

I have no child of my own but I do know how it is to raise a child. To see her victories & defeat, laughter & tears and the period where your principles are being challenged against your love for her and doing what is right. She now has a child of her own! And I have godchildren whom I wish to see them go through life with full of experience and be an asset to families, friends & society. Even as I type these words down my prayers go to 2 of my godchildren who are undergoing trials of harsh nature. And I extend what strength I have to their fathers who are in every way but in blood, my brothers. They have given much affection and care to their children as much if not more than most. And now their principles, belief, desires & hopes are being pit against the test of time. And that one possibility. My brothers, science can only do so much that you may do more. If you forget, remember. The element that is most important to human existence and perhaps, you may be enlightened.

“He who gives can also take….”
Who is Razif???!

Disclaimer: The characters depicted in this article are entirely fictitious. Any living person resembling any of the mentioned character found here are absolutely coincidental. The author of the article shall not be responsible for any bruised ego or fractured psyche experienced or encountered by readers. If the reader cannot accept the truth and power of such deconstruction of facts please do not read the article. If the reader is suffering from permanent Post Mental Sickness, also do not read this article. And if the reader happens to own the name Razif, sorry but the whole world does not revolve around you! There’s probably millions of other Razifs out there! And finally, persons under the age of 18 – don’t blame me if your mind gets screwed up because you failed to seek parental consent! And I know my writing seems fragmented and that’s because I Want It That Way~For them bastards who think they want to sue me? UP YOURS!!!!

There are 2 kinds of people in this world, period. One, those who lies straight to your face and two, those who are really honest.

Recently, I found myself in a debate over contradicting statements of a friend. Although I realize that I am not entirely of a perfect character, I often take offense toward people who attacks my character or those dearest to me. Unless of course if the argument presents valid evidence that warrants such an attack, I’ll concede. However, the subject of my blog does not concern me at all but 2 dear friends. So here’s the situation:
1. Let’s say I’m the defender of the accused.
2. Let the accused / victim be addressed as M.
3. Let the accuser/persecutor be addressed as B.
4. Let the subject, which caused M to be victimized be called Razif.

The story
One day, M, B & me were chatting over the subject of sex. Nothing explicit, just reasonable sex-education talk. In time, the discussion shifted to marrying couples. We were building up imaginary persons who would be our ideal partner.
Now M has already got someone special which, I think they are both meant for each other. M & his girlfriend are one of those mushy type lovers that if I were granted the opportunity, I’d squash them under my foot. BUT, I guess I love the two chimps too much to really squash them. Well, anyway, my friend, M, is a really GREAT guy. He’s smart, hensem, nice, obstinate, smart, nice and all those things. His girlfriend is also smart, nice, sweet, nice, sweet. (I know I’m repeating those words, so go figure!)

The Razif factor
B proceeds to tell M & me about a person she knew – Razif.
Razif is a skinny & bespectacled guy who seems to be a nice & smart guy. A decent guy who doesn’t seem to possess a flaw that’d sent parents to an early grave. And guess what? His mum packs lunch for the 28 year-old nice & smart guy! Isn’t that nice?
So Mars tried to contact Earth it seemed, according to B. They even exchanged cell phone numbers so that maybe in time they could exchange cheesy messages to one another, considering how nice this Razif guy was. I mean, both M & me felt that this Razif was a real gem compared to guys like me. The type who could be “a good pious husband”, according to B.

The Attack
B went on saying how nice this Razif guy is and he deserves a nice girl. And that girl should be M’s girlfriend. Now I suppose, it wouldn’t have been an issue if B had mentioned that the candidate would be “someone like” M’s girlfriend. Instead, B’s statement had an implication, which both M & me took offense in. Why?

1. The statement wasn’t hypothetical in nature; it wasn’t in the least sounded that way.
2. It implied that since Razif was a nice guy, M’s girlfriend is a nice girl, they were meant for each other.
3. If both the subjects were meant for each other because both were “nice”, what the hell is M? Bad? Not “nice” enough?

The statement made by B by default, places M under scrutiny. I am biased when it comes to my bros but in this case, being biased has got nothing to do with it. I mean, even before such an assessment could be made, at least consider the qualifications!
All three of us have known each other more than a decade. B has only known Razif like what, a couple of months? It’s like comparing a crow with a peacock!

The conclusion
It dawned on B that blabbering thoughtless opinions like that could be a fatal mistake. Especially with minds like M & mine, we exist to make stupid comments sound idiotic & made sure we drove that lesson home.
B offered an apology of sorts for shooting off like that but B had an exception, B shall not take back what was said. It was principle thing. Never take back the words you say because it isn’t in the nature of B to do such thing. The important thing is an apology was offered. Yeah, right.
There’s saying for that in Malay; pendek kata ego lah tuuu!
I recently discovered that this Razif happens to be an old friend to one of my friend. B told me this. The sentiment was that I should be careful of who I condemn as I might just end up knowing or be friends with the guy. Ironic, isn’t it? (Si kuali panggil si cerek itam legam?)Yeah I did let loose an arsenal of illustrative adjectives at the guy but with good reason. I was defending M’s honour. So who the hell this Razif guy is to me? A nobody. He don’t matter to me, my bro does.

Moral of the story
1. My friends, my loved ones matter to me. Razif can go jump in Lakeside.
2. Think before you speak. Be mindful of your words.
3. Pride & ego may not necessarily drive others to kill you, it’s a self destruct system
4. Don’t drink and drive or smoke & fly just to get entangled in the spider’s web.
5. Me, my friends are a bunch of hensems.