Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's interesting to see people who hold their heads up high so that they could breathe when water are up to their necks. Perhaps, they believe they've succeeded to survive when we can actually see them drowning.

I should cast out a line and pull them to safety...but I am such a sadistic bastard. I'll enjoy watching them squirm for awhile before even considering.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

ichizoku... ichizoku... Souiu antara onore no "utsuwa" no ookisa wo hakari chigae ore no "utsuwa" no fukasa wo shiranu kara ima soko ni haitsukubatteru. Soshiki ni shuuchakushi ichizoku ni shuuchakushi na ni shuuchaku suru... Sore wa onore wo seiyakushi onore no "utsuwa" wo kimetsukeru imubekikoto soshite madaminu... Shiranu mono wo osorenikushimu rokashikikoto!!

Attachment to organization...attachment to clan....why attach at all?
That's merely the detestable action of restricting yourself and limiting your own 'container'. People are too busy comparing and showing off how big their 'container' are that they forget how deep it could get.

People fear and hate those they don't understand.