Saturday, December 27, 2003


If a simpleton ignores the rhetorics of a philosopher, does it means he doesn't understand? Perhaps. Yet still, stupidity exists in a nexus of levels in which is eternally subjective & debatable. Doesn't sound quite simple now does it?

Now, a fool is more specifically categorized in a some supposed unfortunate matter. Like for example, when one is being lied to, and that, would be a supposition that one is being fooled.
Another perspective at this foolish folly of a fool is the presence of an emotion; powerful enough sometimes to drive a person to become the ultimate fool that he is.

The beauty of this fool; instead of being an entity to it, you could actually make a person be it. Casting illusions is rather easy and turning the masses into fodder for a particular foolery is entirely possible! The only factor that may destroy this is Time. How long do you perhaps you could fool someone? Let alone 9 other someones? In a slight twist of fate, Time decides and the illusions break away. So now who is the fool? Another word can now be used in place of fool - IDIOT.

Ah...but the emotions that accompanies a fool - anger, hate, betrayal, etc...

It kills ya doesn't it?

So if a fool runs away in foolishness, perhaps the greater fool he is if he thinks he can hide forever and not face Time. What am I if not just another fool, for believing...?

Experience is cruelest of Teachers but you learn, by God you do learn....

Thursday, December 11, 2003

I walk in lands asunder, to journey a destination
Of crumbled leaves over water.
Chirping of birds in tempo of my incoherence
Where the wind blows my feet does follow.

Cracked earth of beauty, despair
Stenched winds, a commodity of life's affair
Bitter taste in my mouth from which I breathe the air
Choked in the polarity, this knowledge I bear.

Come hither, sing me a song
My journey doth take me long
In time, I shall wither
Like crumbled leaf over water.

Probably, it takes just a moment. Maybe, a second; sitting in the comfort of a rectifying knowledge of a rectified past.
One month and I bore witness to such enveloping experience of bittersweet happiness. A long lost friend resurfaced, a family reunion of such intensity...i cried, i am in love.
I gained brothers & sisters that brought me joy. That is enough for me, it surely is. It doesn't matter, I am thankful.

As always, reality. It sucks. It sucked enough to take the wind out off me. But I rest easy, in complete faith of my brothers who wouldn't allow me to fall & break into thousand of pieces; just like porcelain....