Tuesday, February 10, 2004


I met today a person whom once I mistook for an angel. Coffee coloured skin and pearly whites, she owns a voice of one. Our souls mingled a moment yet our bond promises a lifetime.
She slipped away, this one. She chose a promised land of greener pasture rather than the rocky mountains I tread upon. And I let her go, knowing a kindred spirit and its wild nature was always meant to be free.
And she visited me today, this angel that took away a fragment of myself and I smiled; to hide my expression. And it turns into a locus this freedom I gave that costs hers...my angel.

Sunday, February 08, 2004


The thing is, I hardly got time to read the papers because I am preoccupied doing my routine stuff and partly, the contents of newspapers nowadays completely turn me off. There's no denying that newspapers are still a major vehicle in the advertising industry but COME ON!!! With centrefolds and three quarters pageful of a similar ad??? This is not advertisement. It's an INVASION!!!
Everytime I turn over a page there it is; idiotic looking cartoons posing like a 50cent slut over edges of a staff line. As wonderful it is a discovery of new technology, the laundry men always find a way to make it distasteful akin to a stink bug.
As it is, there's already plagiarised form of news that I have to live with and now this?
I remembered the other day when the supposedly annoying pieces did make my day. Nah, It ain't the lottery winning numbers printed in bold neither was it the hopeful death news of a certain pederastic dynasty. Rather, it was the news about mergence of neighbourhood schools due to the falling statistics of a healthy number of young generations. And a proposal for bonuses to young married couples that produce babies.
bUT this is a fuckingly funny piece of news!
It seemed karma is finally catching up to them. The opus of a genius is unravelling and the pieces fall down. Yeah my kind are slow but we're catchin up. Jus like the tortoise dat beat the speeding hare.
For all their genius, they forgot my kind was the chosen one. And I hope I live to see the Intifada...watever!