Friday, March 21, 2003

Earlier this week I had the honour of getting to know yet another band of kewl guys from Indonesia - Kripik Peudeus. If ur wondering, it's pronounced as Krepek Pedas.
Don't ask me...but I guess it's a pretty original name. These guys came down to Singapore to spent time with me & my friends, after their performance in the oh-so glamarous Anugerah Planet Muzik. They are the third Indonesian band I've acquainted with since SO7 & Padi.
After spending two evenings with these guys, I reminisced of the times I've spent with the other two bands. I realized something. We Singaporeans take things for granted by mental default. Our social program had turned us into proud & obnoxious bastards, while my acquaintances has elements of humbleness.
Throughout my career experience, I've met people who looked down on asian foreigners. Is this racism? Or simply we are biased. To what end?
I knew foreigners whom in their homeland, considered an average, has an education much higher than Chief Engineers & Senior Lecturers. I knew stories of govt bodies trapped in a game of chess trying to oust these smart foreign talents.
I suppose we need to respect these people for who they really are. Be more sensitive. After all, they are trying to make a living like everyone else.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Sometimes in life we get disappointed. Our heart breaks over things such as despair, lies, deceit & betrayal. Often, we lash out to those who hurt us. Does it help the situation? Yes. It makes us feel better.
Does it solve the problem? No.
One more thing in my short life I've learnt; despair is only something we allow to happen.
I know the poison that is betrayal. I suffered the pain. But die I did not. Nor blame others. People who are called family and friends ultimately, are human. And to flaw is ever Man's primal nature. But then again he's also equipped with a gift that levitates him above those who are called Angels.
To those who felt the sting of betrayal of a brother, I pray that its venom doesn't cloud thy eyes for that will make thee much worse.
Judge not, and ye shall not be judged.
My mother told me once, all our great misfortunes are the result of our own misjudgement. My father told me not to regret of my choices for it was my own and learn from my mistakes.
What I'm trying to say is, before we lash out at anything at all, think of what it meant and what it was and how it got here. Because when you think that you were betrayed, your outcry may be a betrayal of another....make sense? No? Thanks anyway.
For reasons that are a few, I decided to take out the Tagboard until I find the time to correct what I did wrong with the damn alignment. And to that guy who mentioned of my brain defects, I thank you. For now. May god not reveal your true self to me for I only fear the loss of your fragile ego within the sanctity of a vertically challenged Intellect; to begin with. Like a fren told me once - GET DOWN!

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Quite recently I truly realized & discovered a loss in which I've gained. Alas, a loss conceived by my own device. Let me now mourn my mistakes at my own pace and I pray that someday I find the courage to rectify the damage done. In depths of his soul, I know the scars he bore only to be protrayed in my own reflection. For reasons I can never reveal in this lifetime, I hope only forgiveness.

I walk in lands asunder, to journey a destination
Of crumbled leaves over water.
Chirping of birds in tempo of my incoherence
Where the wind blows my feet does follow.

Cracked earth of beauty, despair
Stenched winds, a commodity of life's affair
Bitter taste in my mouth from which I breathe the air
Choked in the polarity, this knowledge I bear.

Come hither, sing me a song
My journey doth take me long
In time, I shall wither
Like crumbled leaf over water.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

I live in a city of blinds
I wake up from life
To fall asleep in light
Can't open my blinds to the blind.
A blind man walks his blind dog
To the left, the right
Just enough to sense the light
And I feel the warmth.
Even flowers, plotted in soil
Take in the light & live
The blind ignores the day.
He is immortal.
Death a surprise!

(serj T.)

I dreamt a dream where no one spoke to me
Of clouds & dust & trunks of trees
The sun was red, the land barren & dry
But there was this tree around it did creatures fly

I dreamt a dream of silvery flashes clang
Of liquid red splashed over green
There were four horses in beauty of black
Crumbled underneath a tree used to spread

My heart screamed while the horses dead
Helpless for I was in a carriage trapped
I turned around to see the horses' fate
But my eyes was fixed onto the horizon's bed

In this dream along the horizon's bed
Thousands of men after me in a frenzy state
Sabres & daggersstained crimson red
Chanting incoherently inside my head

I ran away as fast as I could
Leaving behind my family in feud
I clasped my ears from the voices raged
Over my discourse I realized dressed I am in crimson red

I dreamt this dream all over again
It made me wonder what it means
My future locked in this knowledge I restrain
My fear had grown eversince.