Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tribulations de JURONG CENTRAL

Atmosphere changes as presence reveals, the scorching heat of desire burning and fire lights the eyes of hunger within. The feast of goals yet unsatisfied by the fact remains; there can be only one.
"WHO??" they say, inquisitive ego-mongers with names that dwarfs royalty in magnitude. Hah! It don't matter when fire burns the skin of the brothers with desire. Brothers that are beyond breakage and posses focus of the mind. No name is intimidating and no numbers are too great for them to conquer.
Alas, if destiny set itself in stone, it'll only be the fate of those who had faced the brothers and it so shall be inscribed on their epitaphs.
What is the strength? What is the key? What is the secret?
Only those embraced by the warm, assuring arms of the brothers know. By God, only the enlightened do know!

Remember these moment my brothers for it serves only to fuel the success of your future.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Its been awhile, I know. There are things that I want to blog about but not ready yet. The last time I tried to blog about what I wanted to blog about, I kinda had an episode. Anyway, soon...