Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman Returns!

One thing for can never beat comic characters on how cool they look wearing their costumes! Comment..? I'll just say this: this movie have some kick-ass special effects! Storyline: same ole same ole...
It is so much cooler than X3. Bryan Singer rocks at doing this comic to movie thing. He should've done X3...!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Freak Out?
Finally was able to have some free time to do this....check it out!

And since I don't want to hog this page wif tubes..if u want more of on!!!


See the final installment at myTube

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Apparently, someone wants me to do this...*sigh*

3 schools I went to
Ghim Moh Pri, Merlimau Pri, Yuhua Sec Sch

3 things in my bag
iPod, gun & Wallet

3 things I do when I'm stressed
Smoking, meet my fingers together, crack a joke

3 places I go on a daily basis
Bathroom, the highway spot, lala land

3 favourite fruits
Apple, Mangosteen, Cocoa..?

3 names I go by
Red, Wan, Aredz

3 of my favourite food
Ban Mian, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam

3 things I'm wearing right now
Renoma Boxer Briefs, Armani Shades, Neck tie (don't ask)

Who is in the house with me
My bros, Mom, Nephew, Niece

Whom I am thinking of right now
my ex...No!

Who did I sit with during the 5th period in class
depends...usually alone at the back near the rear door. Otherwise it's Kiko & Ed.

Who was the last person I uttered "Love" to
to this guy...haha!

Who do I wish I am with right now
wif my bro...uh..and..Bruneian Sultanate...?

Who usually gets on my nerve most in school
this lame-ass dude who was the history teach that ended up marryin a fren's sister...baka..!

Where is my phone
one in the kitchen and the other in my bag. There's a red one in the middle of the room with a bat-like logo on it. It glows when it rings...but I never pick up the calls on that one!

Where do I sleep
on the floor...seriously for the last 15 years.

Where is the last place I took a ride to
the office or her..?

What was the last thing I ate
miso ramen

What color shirt am I wearing

What is my favourite color
Green, Black, Brown, Indigo & sometimes Red

What do I like most about school
You're a kid

What do I wear most often...jeans or shorts

What was the last movie I watched
The Scary 4

When did I start school
Is this a trick question..?

I left the last one out cos I hate chaining things out. Chain mails & such will meet their end with me. Nevermind the cosmic threats I'll face if I don't pass em around...yeah rite!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Looking Back

Alot has happened since last year. Nothing major but a few surprises. An ex girlfriend emailed me in response to one of my blog entries. I had two subjects in mind when I wrote that particular blog but yes, one was dedicated to her. I was struck by her response.."do you know what it feels like to be married to someone when you heart belongs to another?"
Well, we all have a choice in life no matter what the circumstance. We travel down the path of our choice and we do not go back even if the journey gets bad. We do not blame others and everyone around us because it is what we choose. This is my code...this is my way of the Jedi Ninja!!!

What else...? Oh..a fren made the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A scandalous affair...? wasn't a good year for the Job calendar. I had 3 bosses in just one year!!!

One good thing that happened...I rediscovered magic in music. Though I've not told anyone yet, I've wrote a couple of songs. And I am thinking about music again ...seriously.

Well that's it. Nothing else....or rather nothing else that I can remember of right now...hehe. We'll see if I make it through 2007...!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I thought deeply if I had a wish...hmmm..Hell would freeze all over before that happens! Thank you to those who reminded me. And to Cockadoodle...thx.

To those wondering...I have not seen it yet. To the one person who'll happen.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Omen

Friday, June 02, 2006

De Dah Benci Kot...

A friend told me to read the novel before watching the movie. Actually, aLOT of my friends -the bookworm types told me to read it. I was too fucking lazy to do so...I'm still reading The Historian which I started like...2 months ago! After watching the movie...I thought inwardly that perhaps I should've read the book.

I did not mean that by reading the book I'd grasp a clearer concept of what the whole fuss is about. Now I don't see why it was such a fuss in the first place. I think the movie sux Big Time! If you ask me, I'd say it's like a really bad rip off from The Amazing Race. Don't get me wrong. I am a big fan of History & Religion. Vastly interested in Cryptology & Theology. But this...! In the theory's defence, I'd say the movie did no justice to those who have already spent years researching and studying these.

The movie lacked a few fundamental elements that could otherwise pull it off. Instead, it has this element of unrealisticism. Sir Ian McKellen did a fine job delivering the character's hypothesis on the holy grail, only to be let down by Tom Hank's character. Even at the point of revelation. It has so many flaws that I almost cried. Haha..But then again...hey, it's just my opinion!