Sunday, April 23, 2006


Leafgirl: Marriage is just a piece of paper, you know?
Flowergirl: No. It's more than that. But, at times we failed to see the beauty of it...

Sonicboi: ah, wat a load of crap! Especially coming from u Flowergirl!

Flowergirl: Stay out of this Sonicboi! This is a private conversation!!!

Sonicboi: I would''s just dat beauty crap I can't take. I mean, seriously...u can see beauty??
Really? OMG!!! I actually think ur so blind and couldn't find even the meaning of that
word! Not even if I slapped u with a dictionary over it!

Flowergirl: *gasp*
Leafgirl: *gasp*

Sonicboi: It's kinda sad tho...with u preaching about all things beautiful but unattainable.
Sheesh! gotta be sux to be u, huh?
These are some of the places I've been to lately....the MOSAIC had been over awhile ago but didn't have time to post til now.I like the colours and atmosphere during the MOSAIC festival.
There were alot of tourists and people were dancing salsa on the streets!
I visited one of the famous alleys...
Hah! This picture was taken just outside my workplace. I was attending a course at the next door fire department when it rained and there was a flash flood.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


You. It was you who did this to him. You closed in and played with his narrow thoughts of reality. You stole from him what he would've given freely. And then you took again and left him empty, discarded.
But, there are places, parts of him that your gluttoned hands will never reach. Even if you did there'll be like you'd never known because he gave that to me. And that is we. It's you. Has always been, you. Well...fuck you! He is down but not out. Well, fuck you! I can't even bring myself to pity you.

My heart breaks...when I think of you. My heart bleeds for not what you've done but this deed decreed upon you and in this knowledge you'd break. I give you here and now my strength with deepest hopes you'll come back a man.
If there'd be injustice, then let justice drown in its own righteousness in the light of the blinding soul. What is, is.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I used to be involved in contact sports a long time ago. It was a tough sport for me. 3 sets of 3 minute rounds doesn't do much if you're outside the ring. When you're a spectator, you're in a state of displacement. And unless you've been in the ring, you'll never know what it feels like.

I remembered facing off with an opponent who's almost superior to me in every way. He was faster than me, stronger than me. The guy was well-built for his size or should I say our size. I was competing in a 60kg weight class. And to top it off, he was an arrogant little prick! He was good and knows it. The first round had me blocking his strikes, kicks & punches. I felt the power in those attacks and I knew if I let him through I would be done for. And I almost did. He launched a combo of punches and kicks. He had a peculiar technique that I didn't anticipate and landed a kick in my ribs which made me see stars!
When I recovered, I felt the anger raise in me. It wasn't however, directed at my opponent. I was angry with myself for being careless. I took too much time to measure him up. Sure he's faster & stronger, but that doesn't mean he's better than me. I'd already knew how he fought for the first 2 rounds, I just needed to take him out on the 3rd. The guy liked to bounce around on his toes when squaring off an opponent and when he kicks, he took to the air. I kept going at him with punches which connected to his midsection and I knew the kick was coming. When it did, I let loose the strongest forward kick I could muster. I actually sent him flying and knocked out. And when the bell sounded, I realized how exhausted I was.

I had to recuperate for a few days after the fight because I didn't realize how hurt I was. I had broken ribs. It was strange how the aches came to plague me. I never ached that much when I trained. Dakara, I realized that I had channeled all my energies & thought in that last round which took alot out of me.

I don't fight in the ring anymore. But I am still fighting outside the ring here, in the real world where the sound of the bell can't save you. I will one day reach a state of exhaustion where my body will just give way and then I wouldn't be able to fight anymore. It will be so easy to just give up the fight because you're so tired of fighting. It's almost the 3rd round again. My only hope is that I don't give it up and also not die of exhaustion.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hey there, you need not pick on what's inside that's already there. You needn't tear it inside out. If it's there they'll know. It's not easy as it seems I know but you'll have to trust yourself and in time you will shine.
Learn to take in small pieces, give it time to take their places and surely it will grow. But, what about the fractures in my mind? Will the fragments heal inside? That's what nobody knows.
The pain in me is all I feel and crimson red is all I see. Even when I'm taking it down the road it didn't feel like I'm getting there. With these tears I swear...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I saw myself on tv yesterday. Actually, I was reading the papers. My mom was watching some entertainment show when some familiar music came to my ears. "We" recorded that song few years back. When I stopped to glance what was on the screen, that was then I saw myself on tv. I sported long hair back then. Even thinking of doing it again now.

Anyway, the image of myself on the screen earned a frown from me. I'd told the media before not to take clips on me. And when I went to town yesterday, a couple of friends mentioned it. I ignored it. Then they spouted again on how I should get back on track in the music industry. HAH! What industry?! An avatar more likely. Those who went in will only get entrapped in a world of lies & deceit. YOu won't make it unless you have the tools & faculties to survive and break off from such constraint around you and the constraint within yourself. Been there, done that. It's like going against the whole world, it consumes you. In circumspect, I had other priorities that had to be dealt with. Or maybe I'm just catching my second wind...

The image is a sleeve designed by my good friend for his band, which in my opinion, just ranks up there among the top bands in my region. 'nuff said.