Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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"err...excuse me sir? You can't take pictures with the bull."
"..er..you can't.."
That settles it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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And so it is...what I fear for you had come to pass. With great turbulence it blew you offguard, and made you lose your ground.
As I reach out to you, you turned your head away and pulled your hands away from me.
The winds...they're strong and could blow you away. Why do you do this?
You can lose yourself in the winds...you know this. Yet, you seek solace in her arms.
Let me be your new story, it's grounded you'll see, or do you see there's no heroes in that sky where you are flying;

alas, shall I bleed among the clouds with/for you in hopes that my body will bring you down...down here where your feet'll touch the ground.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Seeing my face up on a wall in a poster of some studios sends a shiver up my spine. I had a day off last friday and decided to run out to get some errands done and I was looking for some reeds at this music store when I stumbled upon this jamming studio, so I decided to check it out.
It looks pretty much like the usual jamming studio I've been to in the past except that there were alot of girls in this particular one. I mean, not that jamming studios are exclusively for guys, it's just that this one...alot of girls. And real cute too. After awhile, I figured out that they were girl bands, waiting for their turn to use the studio.
So, I was looking at some guitars when I saw that poster. Unvoluntarily, I cringed, looking at it. It was along time ago when the pics were taken. I dunno, I just seem can't get used to the idea seeing my face on a public wall. I wished I could tear it down. Alas, it was not my studio.

"So how come I don't see you around at gigs anymore?" a voice behind me started.

Hell, he almost made me jump. When I turned around, I saw this girl. I knew her from way back...a story for another day...
Damn, why do this situations keep popping up like that?? I didn't spot her earlier on.

"cos I don't have the time anymore." I replied.
"kinda sureal isn't it? Seeing your face up on the wall like this...", she trailed off.
"I gotta run. See ya. Have fun jammin." I started to move off when she reached out & grabbed my arm. I looked up at her, bewilderment rising.
"I've seen you under bridges buskin & I saw & heard you sing & coached those guys. Why won't you play anymore?"
This girl is starting to annoy me. I'm tired & I wanted to get out of there. And she did go for the nerve, so I guess I'll let her have her answer.
"It was my dream. It just got taken away." with that I left...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Berbicara sendiri

Mengapakah engkau membisu?
Tidak. Bukan maksud aku untuk membisu, sepi tak bersuara. Juga bukan bermaksud untuk menyombong. Inilah kudratku, sejadi.

Lantas, sifatmu itu tidak menentu?
Barangkali...jika tidak ada yang mengenali sifat²ku. Namun, tetap harus aku mengenali sifat diri aku? Yang hakiki tidak kesemuanya yang mengenali diri! Apakah engkau mengenali diri kamu yang sejati??

Mungkin..setidak²nya aku tahu dimana aku berdiri. Tidak seperti engkau, kaki tidak menjejak bumi...jejari tidak mencecah langit!!!

Benar! Mungkin pada pandangan engkau, aku itu semua...namun aku masih lagi mencari. Aku masih tagih erti. Tidak terukur mungkin rupanya sifatku yang cacat ini dengan engkau yang sudah sempurna.

Aku tidak sempurna!!! Aku tidak menyatakan sedemikian pun!

Engkau sendiri yang menyatakan aku tidak membumikan kaki ku bukan?
Jika seseorang sepertimu berkata demikian, apa bukan ertinya kakimu telah terpasak?

Pernah kah engkau terfikir yg bahawasanya engkau telah terpesong?

Ya...ya..mungkin aku terpesong! Tidak sepertimu yang lurus...maafkan aku...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Jubilant Tribute to a Massacre

I'm almost afraid to blog what I've intentionally had in mind. Cos if I did, it may change me. But I see today, amidst the pyrotechnics, your glory. Sitting to your right, the only person you'd engineered toward the future by your vision.
It is a Pride..that I can't say I'm proud of. You may argue the very existence of this tool I surf upon. Still, it exists.
You...the architect of this avatar where my bretheren resides, thus believed in liberty, faithfully & moderately embraced thought out logic so that merlions do not drown.
You...who hummed to the melody of bum boats and forked mountains hadn't the slightest inkling the heritage of its composer. Yet, I sat down in silence and bore witness to a massacre, seeing bloody red and I can do nothing as my senses were assaulted again and again.
You who founded this land and proclaimed us, even you had to sacrifice your heritage deep into the restless ocean; and you lost sight.
Perhaps, it was ever the prophecy written over this No Man's Land where alien characters depicts the future of disenchantment over heritage.
...and let there be Light!!!

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light passes through the darkest of clouds

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see me, for I am here...

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cold sweets are beautiful..

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like a dream...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

I sit under a void deck and wonder...Of families laughing by and maids scurrrying away. And as a car pulled over, the headlights blnded me but, I could hear. Of coughing engines and tired legs, worn out from months of revolving. The cold winds of luscious greens from the other side then distracted me and a motorist sped by; between the luscious greens of the jungle and the concrete jungle that stood no longer than that palm tree I remembered when I first came here.
Seperated, the highway services us, though I longed to be on the otherside. And a boy ran, waking me from my reverie and smiled...there is life too, here.