Monday, February 17, 2003


Someone who used to be real close to me said that he takes no shit from nobody.. It don't matter what other ppl might say; what's important was that he gets what he wants, period

You know what? It's not the first time I've heard of such declaration. All the so-called macho tough guysout there who thinks they have ball sacks the size of a watermelon but in actual fact, no bigger than a couple of peanuts. I imagine that the only element that contributes to the mentioned balls' size is AIR. The same element that resides in their skulls.

And I laugh at their demeanour because I know better. These guys are all talk and no action. I may not look so tough but at least I do what I want, when I want. So, am I being hypocritical? Un-uh! Not me. The word hypocrisy just ain't cut it for me. I don't think the opposite of that word exists at all! Why? Because, to say that I am not a hypocrite implies an absolution on my part and NOTHING is absolute except God.

It is almost impossible to be not hypocritical. COME ON!!! I'm being realistic here. I've known ppl whom I respect deeply but even they whom I set on a pedestal are not spared off in my opinion.

This is one reason why I don't question people's credibility. Taking it out of context; from business or bondage. People often judge on a single action of a person rather than the person himself. I pray the day when tolerance & understanding surpasses all judgement of superficial forms

But that's not happening any lower than I would've hoped for. So, fuck you who thinks you're better than me. Fuck you to think where I should be, whom I talk to, make my friends with! And fuck you to think who in the fucking mother of a goat you are to dictate how I should I spent my time & life!

But hey, I'm just a fucking doing the things I believe in, like some pple say, I do what I want when I want. You who see otherwise have the right to your own opinion but then again you'll be one helluva son of a hypocrite that I ever knew! PEACE!

Mark Of The Beast

I've always been interested in paranormal science. Used to read a lot of horror fictions and articles concerning the supernatural. My interests deepened in my teenage years. Back in those days I used to wear all black with doom over my face. I loved all things gothic and listened to black metal music. "Gates of Babylon" was one of the most haunting songs I ever heard.

I also used to mingle with other fans of Black Metal music. It was here when things got a little interesting. There were people that I knew back then that believed in the black arts or black magic. Although, I did not indulge in the practices, I was well drawn into it. I remembered one time when these guys slaughtered a black puppy & splashed the poor guy's blood over a pentagram decorated with candles. I remembered vaguely asking myself, what the hell were these kids thinking? They used some of the blood to write the numbers 666 onto the wall. It was a pretty sick thing to do, I tell ya.

I kept my distance after that incident but I was still drawn to the whole ideology of black magic. And so began my years of research over the subject of Satanism. What interests me further back then was the numbers 666. We've seen it in movies. This display of the devil's mark. But why 666? How did it come about? I've read it in the bible before but was still trying to find out of its significance. It wasn't until recently that I got my hands on some useful reading materials that the shrouds of mystery began to fall, and I got what I was looking for. It took me 3 days to summarize my findings & I have here a brief write up regarding the origins of the numbers 666. For those who are interested in reading further into this subject, may I recommend the subject of the 'Illuminati'. A large portion of my materials are from the bible, internet, the book "Sociology of the Medieval Age", "The New Age Movement - Illuminati", Central American's history & "English Word Origins". This is a long blog but I figure it'll be a great reading material.

Origins of 666 by Aredz

Revelation 13:17,18

>"that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of the man; and his number is six hundred three score and six."

The above quotes taken out from the book of Revelation seems to be the earliest text that clearly mentioned of the numbers 666. Although I've read articles that claimed that there were other texts that may have mentioned it, none that I have came across so far that gave such a clear & concise description of the subject. Mostly were either encrypted or requires further research to verify the meanings of the texts.

However, the history of these encrypted mysteries dates way back to the history of Babylon, where Lucifer used the sun & Nimrod, founder of Babylon, as a front to deceive mankind. It was here that Pagan religions were conceived. Man's instincts & thoughts (religious instinct) over creation led him to believe in the existence of a supreme being. These thoughts, over time branched out primitive theories of God. Since seeing is believing, most of these beliefs fell into tangible nature. Physical superiority is important in these aspects. Hence, most expressions of worship were animals, trees, mountains & of course the sun. In the ancient times, the sun was regarded as the ultimate life giver over the planet. Without the sun, the cycle of life, just cannot be. It is here that Satan manipulate mankind into serving his purposes.

The bible tells the story of Adam & Eve, about how our first parents were deceived by a serpent which was instigated by Satan. Here we shall learn of a shocking discovery of how this serpent soon becomes one of the most sacred symbols of sun worship & great respect to this very present time.

Long before the production of anti-venom by medical science, the ancients had already known the potent secrets of the snake venom & how, when administered carefully, could save lives. Often, healers of ancient communities were highly regarded as wise men & authoritarian. It was through these healers (who were pagan priests) that the serpent became a symbol as the 'Great Benefactor & Healer' of mankind. This serpent was also worshipped as 'The Great Enlightener'. Soon, the serpent was worshipped as a 'God of Healing' & 'Life Restorer'. As this belief was injected into the pagan arts, this 'God of Healing' & 'Life Restorer' was presented as a serpent entwined on a stick, staff or a stock of a tree. Behold! The origins of the symbol of medical associations today!

This medical insignia was originally the symbol of an Egyptian god - Hermes. He was Nimrod's father, Cush. This name is Chaldean in origin & both the Greeks & Egyptians adopted this god of Babylon. It is from this name that the English word hermetic came from. But what is the relation between the serpent & the sun?

In the book, The Two Babylons, by Hislop, pg.227:

The serpent is universally the symbol of the sun. In Egypt, one of the commonest symbols of the sun, or the sun god, is a disc with a serpent around it. The original reason of that identification seems just to have been that, as the sun was the great enlightener of the physical world, so the serpent was held to have been the great enlightener of the spiritual, by giving mankind the 'Knowledge of Good & Evil'.

From Babylon, let's move on to Central America.

The ancient Mayans of Yucatan in Mexico worshipped a serpent god named Can, which in Mayan language, means serpent. Ironically, A-Can in ancient Scottish also have the same meaning. It is from here that we get the word canny, usually to describe shrewdness.

The Babylonians also worshipped Can, in addition to Vul, whom is the god of fire. The Romans combined these two words to form Vulcan, Romans' god of fire. The English term volcano was derived from this.

The Mayans & the Mexicans as well as a lot of other ancient race, used this method in creating terminology. Kulkul was used by these people to describe their serpent god which meant beautiful bird & Can, serpent. From these two words, they coined the term Kulkulcan or bird serpent in Mayan language. This term held the same meaning for Quetzalcoatl, a Mexican pagan messiah in central Mexico (Mexican &Central American Mythology). It is interesting to note that the cosmic symbol for this messiah is a feathered serpent.

Other words like Vatican is also derived from this method of combining two words together. In Latin, vatic means prophet or soothsayer. The combination of the two words vatic & can gives Vatican. Now if you look up this word in the dictionary, you'll get a variation of meanings, one of which states the Pope's palace, & perhaps another which says, member of the Pope's church. The classic meaning of this word Vatican through this amalgamation of words, however, will give you this meaning - divination by the serpent.

We now already know that the Egyptians regarded the serpent as a symbol of the sun god. It is also helpful to know that in astrology, a serpent in a coiled position with its tail in its mouth, represents Eternal Life.

The reason for analyzing these terms is because when we associate these findings with verses from the bible, Genesis 3:14, it is realized that the feathered serpent which had been displayed in pagan arts & worshipped as god of healing & revered as a medical insignia, is none other than "that old serpent, called the devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world."Reveation, 12:9.

It has to be understood that the truth regarding the mark of the beast - 666, used in black magic & devil worship, was woven in an intricate design to confuse & mislead the masses of its origins & meanings. And that the symbols, used commonly for goodwill, like the medical insignia, only served the devil's purpose. And only with knowledge shall we be able to tell of its lies & deceit.

Muslims are taught to refrain from believing in astrological zodiac signs for a reason. A reason that which we will learn to discover that astrology is the basic platform used for witchcraft, black & even white magic. Black or white magic are actually just terms used to pacify the masses. So, do not be disillusioned by the devil's plan in dragging the true believer of God Almighty into hell with him. Sadly though, many are ignorant & think that astrological zodiac signs which are based on the stars & movement of the planetary system, are harmless. But, the truth goes far beyond that rationale. Astrology is the devil's tool, used to whisper into ears of fortune tellers, eventually to those who believes in it, that ultimately turns into false hopes, fear and even paranoia.

While Satan changed the image of the serpent into something to be adored & worshipped, the goat, from antiquity, symbolized the Devil.

Witchcraft exists in many race. More often than not, the practices are somewhat similar. Intriguing? From the African witch doctor's Voodoo to the Bomohs' Santet in Asia, making a wax image of a man & consuming it slowly over fire & sticking it with pins is just one similar methods in this evil doctrine. This black art is also practised amongst one of the ancient civilizations, the Chinese.

There are many tools used in witchcraft but none other is so well connected with unlike the pentagram. The pentagram is a five pointed star that is used today in both black & white magic. The pentagram with two points pointing upward represents black magic while a pentagram with only one point upward represents white magic. Practitioners of these arts are known as occultists. Interestingly, some occultists do not believe the devil's existence.

Amongst the many variations of witchcraft covens, some use cakes in their communion, eaten in the honour of the Egyptian god Horus. These cakes were round & had a cross drawn on them to represent the initial of an ancient dead & risen messiah Tammuz, whom supposed to be the incarnation of the sun god & the son of the moon goddess(aka Ashtaroth, Venus, Diana). The Israelites also held the same practice. Jeremiah 7:18. Ashtaroth can be found in Judges, 2:13.

The Moon goddess, also called the Queen of Heaven has a counterpart. The Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholic Church is also called the Queen of Heaven. Ironically, the same cakes used for honouring in witchcraft is also used by the Roman Catholic Church, and dedicates these cakes to the Virgin Mary, calling it Hot Cross Buns.

The origins of the mark 666 is so ever intertwined with religion & pagan gods. Pagan arts were derived from both the nature as well as astrology. Since pagan arts were so widespread, pagan gods were just emanations of one god to another. In truth, they all shared a common origin, the Zodiac. And as pagan arts became heritage & culture, some of its beliefs were injected into some monotheistic religions today.

The vast information that is now available to me regarding this subject seems inexhaustible that I suppose I could write a book about it. While summarizing these findings, I felt quite compelled to put in as much as information as possible. But, that proves to be quite impossible to do that here. Some readers might be lost to the effect of trying to connect the names of some characters like Cush, Nimrod, etc. Unless the reader has some knowledge in the history of Babylon, Egyptian & Greek mythology, he could be quite at a loss. In actual sense, this topic requires a lot of reading into history and comparative religion. At this juncture, I decided to skip, regretfully, much of the history lesson so I might spare those who finds history a bit dry. What I hope to do here is at least establish the pagan-astrology-religion relations so that the reader may understand the importance of the esoteric mysteries that shrouds the devil's conspiracy of sorts.

Zodiac-Doctrine of the Black Arts

The ancient worship of the sun god all had elements of phallicism - worship of the sex organs. In witchcraft, the union of the two sex (male & female), is symbolized as a point within a circle with two triangles uniting creating a six point star, a Hexagram, or also known as the Star of David. Now, this Star of David is actually a misconception. King David never carried this emblem which is now the emblem for Israel. This hexagram was actually adopted from witchcraft by Jewish priests whom explored deep into the Babylonians religion during their captivity in Babylon. It is here that witchcraft gained another mask, in the form of the Kabala.

The native Mexican Indians, before the arrival of any foreigner on their land, used the hexagram as a symbol of phallic worship of their cosmic gods. It also symbolizes the 7 planets that moved their way through the Zodiac, where the sun is displayed in a circle with a point in its center. Again we come across the elements of astrology either in the pagan arts or witchcraft. It is enough now to establish that the origins of witchcraft in the Zodiac. Not convinced yet?

Ancient pagans & the occultist both believed in the immortality of the soul, which would explain claims by psychics that they could contact the spirit of the dead for advice. These believers claimed that, when they die, their souls would take up position in one of the stars.

Chief gods of the Zodiac all have a sacred number. Ancient astrology teaches that the chief god of Zodiac has a sacred number, which is the number 1. Babylon was where astrology & idolatry began. We shall now uncover the mystery of this Babylonian philosophy that evolved into witchcraft & through few examples, see how it had become part of today's culture.

Originally, letters of various alphabet characters had some numerical significance. Although modern English had lost its numerical attributes, there are still characters in many different languages that held its numerical significance & reference to the sun god (1), whose symbol is either a bull or a serpent.

The first letter alpha or aleph, of the Greek alphabet holds the meaning of bull or ox. In Hindu, there's an elephant god. Take the root word of elephant and you'll get eleph. Now is it by chance that this elephant god is a phallic idol? Or that to commemorate it's life giving function, Hindus observes the first day of the week, Sunday? Everything First were dedicated to the elephant god such as the first day of the month, year, first born son & first fruit of labour during harvest.

Ancient astrology considered the number 2 to be a female number & is attributed to the Mother Goddess, the second member of the godhead. This number was also thought to be evil or a bad omen. In Hebrew-Chaldean, the second alphabet is Beth, a feminine sounding name that carried the meaning house. The moon, symbol of the Mother Goddess is considered as the monthly house of the sun in astrology.

The number 3, is identified with the pagan godhead of Baal, Ishtar & Tammuz. It held a trinity significance - the 3 aspect of the sun god as Ruler of Heaven which is the (i) Heavenly Bull, (ii) Serpent & (iii) Fish (Neptune). This adaptation of the sun god can also be seen in Hindu belief. When the sun rises in the east, he is Brahma, at noon he is Siva & when the sun sets in the west, he is Vishnu. Therefore, the number 3, in astrology, represents Trinity.

The number 4 is also a sacred number in astrology for the sun as Ruler of the four quarters of the universe, four divisions of the zodiac, the four seasons & four directions. Here, Lets analyze the origins of the Christian Cross. In contrary to popular belief, the cross did not originate from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The cross is actually derived from the initial of Tammuz. And the cross were known back then as the mystic Tau. It was a symbol for the sun worshippers long before Jesus were born. This cross of the mystic Tau was used by the Chaldeans to sacrifice a first born child to the sun god. When it is all said & done, ironic it seemed that Jesus was supposedly crucified on the very cross that was originally used to worship the devil himself!

The pentagram is the representation of the sacred number 5 in astrology. We had already discussed about the pentagram earlier on so let's move on to the number 6. Many languages that has connection the history of the pagan arts begins the initial for the number 6 with the letter 'S'. Why is this so? The origins of the letter 'S' is actually derived from a pictograph of a cobra in its striking stance. Snake, Serpent, Satan, all begins with the letter 'S'. Interestingly, the markings found at the back of the hood of the cobra are very distinct markings - O, U & V. These markings in the mentioned & related languages held the numerical value of the number 6! The ancient race also invented names of different serpents based on these letters.

In the Greek numerical system, the letter 'S' is known as Sigma or the original sixth letter of the alphabet. The Sigma which then carried the numerical value of 6 is now, in modern day, carrying the value of 200. The fascinating thing about this is that when the Sigma fell from its original sixth position, so did the other anomalies of various languages. All the sixth letters were dropped from their original position!

Therefore, the word Zeta, which stood in the 7th position, assumed the sixth position. In the old days, the numbers 6 & 7 were interchangeable, as like in the case of witchcraft. This practise led to the old saying, at sixes and sevens. To give the reader an idea of how these two numbers were used interchangeably, let's take for example the words knife & knives. Or wife & wives, realise, realize, etc. Notice the letters involved in this mystery (F, V, S), all of them have history in the pagan arts.

The history of the number 7 traced all the way to Babylon, as the Giant Serpent of the sky whose 7 heads were a symbol of the 7 fate-controlling planets which serpentined through the Zodiac. The significance of this could be understood further in the Christian Bible. Revelation, 12:3, 9.

We already now know that the serpent is a symbol for the sun god. Now, many names of the sun god when encrypted, adds up to the figure 666. One example shown in the Illuminati; all the avatars (incarnations) of the sun god, which were ten, according to the Hindu belief were called 'Buddhas' or 'Rasees of the Siun', or Sun. The Greek word to describe the Buddhas, or Rasees, is Xiuv.

The word Siun here, is pronounced as 'Ziun'. It can also be written as Xiun. Given that x has a value of 600, I - 10, u - 6 & N - 50, add it all up & you'll get the mark of the beast - 666. The original Roman numerals were I, V, X, L, C, D. The letter M wasn't in the original numerical system as it was added later in history.

I - 1, V - 5, X - 10, L - 50, C - 100, D - 500 => 666

666 Relative of ASTROLOGY

The Zodiac is a narrow band of 18° wide, making a complete circuit of the sky around the earth. This complete circle is known to the occultist as Eternal Life. And according to astrology, the fate of mankind was decided by the position of the stars. The chief gods of the zodiac were actually the 7 planets serpentined their way through the 36 rooms altogether with one room for each 10° of the zodiacal circle. It is here where our present time keeping originated from. The sun dial & our mechanical clock is derived from the 12 houses of Zodiac.

The following are more facts relating to the Zodiac:

the ruler has 12 inches to 1 foot

12 units to a dozen

Roulette Wheels have a 360° circle with 36 divisions of 10° each & a blank to represent 5 days beyond the 360 days in a year. (it is interesting to look up on an ancient Roulette game called Quetzal / Quetzales. Any relation to the pagan messiah Quetzalcoatl???)

36 no. cards in a 52-card deck. One card each represents the 52 weeks with 12 face cards - 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks & 4 Aces that represents the 4 seasons. It is clear now as to why fortune-tellers use a deck of cards to predict the future; it's derived from Astrology!

Muslims had a reason for rejecting the Old Testament as it is today. The original scripture had been changed & over time brought out the birth of the New Testament. The New Testament was originally written in Greek Language. The Greek name for Satan was Teitan & the modern word for this is Titan. Does it surprise anyone now that the Titanic sank right after the boastful arrogance of its Captain? There is an underlying statement for that particular tragedy.

T - 300 E - 5 I - 10 T - 300 A - 1 N - 50 => 666

The last example of this numerical alphabet mystery that I'd like to illustrate concerns of the mythical fire bird Phoenix. The phoenix is one of the key symbol which tells us that all pagan beliefs had its roots in the Babylonian astrological system. Babylon is the place of birth of pagan worship & in time, these pagan idols emanated from one form to another. Therefore it is very important to know the history of own & others' religion.

The phoenix exists in many cultures & surprisingly all have equal transliterations of the phoenix. The Egyptians, Phoenicians & many tribes of the Indian in North America called this mythical bird Phoenix. According to the book, Mythology of all Races, vol. 12, pg. 54, there is a name called Athtar, which means Lucifer. Athtar was one of the Egyptian gods connected to the phoenix. In ancient Greek, Phoenix is spelt as Fenex. Given the numerical value of this spelling;

F - 6 E - 5 N - 50 E - 5 X - 600 => 666

Without doubt, there'll be some readers questioning the reason of such complex mystery concerning the origins of 666. And of course, those who wave this theory as pure nonsense. Perhaps, it is. But what if this is true? Satan himself vowed to mislead as many of Adam's (p.b.u.h) children possible. Already there are evidence of this shady mystery, teachings of a possible One government, United World, where peace is the supposed ultimatum of this banner. Sounds ideal? This is a way where religion will no longer be a conflict amongst masses for there's no longer a need for religion. Instead, there's a surrogate religion that preaches of peace. This religion called Freemasonry. But then again, another story for another time. So behold! The Uncanny origins of the Mark of the Beast - 666!

Friday, February 07, 2003

The Bogey Man

Actually I intended to post my essay on a very interesting subject today but I'm short of one more page to type it off. So I guess it'll be a couple of days until then. However, I did come across something at the back of my mind whilst penning down a song for a friend of mine. The BOGEY MAN!!! Yup! That's it. Strange that should appear at the back of my head, but I guess it was because between strumming away the guitar & trying to get it down on a piece of paper, my nephew & niece -twins- were both busy enacting Ultraman vs Whatever-Monster. Both were trading flying kicks & karate chops, I was just wondering when would either one of them cry, usually due to a badly misplaced kick.

Strangely, they gave up trying to kill each other & resorted to try & scare each other to death, I suppose. Cute lil gremlins! It was at this point that the BOGEY MAN manifested himself in my mind.

What do any of us actually knew the origins of the BOGEY MAN???

Well, I came across this topic last year when I was doing a bit of research about European mythology. There weren't exact details on the point of origin in regards of how the ghastly tales of the BOGEY MAN came about. Apparently, ghastly tales about the BOGEY MAN were often told to frighten young children into submission.

Forget about the movies you saw of THE BOGEY MAN. The actual legends of the BOGEY MAN actually describes him as a half-decayed man, soaked of sea water. In other words, this apparition is a zombie of sorts who used to be a sailor. Probably died at sea either due to shark attacks or told to jump off the ship. Like many other ghastly spirits, the reason for its haunting were either revenge or a last wish. Now, this myth started in Europe & spread to England. Over time, the word BOGEYMAN became part of the vocabulary.

The origin of this BOGEYMAN actually came from Asia. Frankly, I didn't know whether to have felt honoured or humiliated when I learnt of it. Apparently, the Europeans that came to Asia, particularly the Indonesian Archipelago, to trade often encountered a breed of very fearsome pirates. Unlike their counterparts in the West, these pirates of Asia rarely spare their victims. Their aggressiveness and terrorizing nature instilled much fear to the Europeans. Like it was described in history texts, these pirates were a big problem & a menace to the Europeans & trading merchants. These pirates were none other than the fearless indigenious race of the Indonesian - the Bugis. It was intended to be 'the Bugis Man' yet it ended up as the BOGEYMAN.

I know what you're thinking. But I'm serious. This was a recorded history! I think this word can be found in the Oxford dictionary of heritage, where it explains the origins of words.

So, it seems, the Bugis made progress after all! Now, on a more serious note, the Bugis were actually a very advance Malay denomination. At least where nautical knowledge are concerned. The Perahu wasn't the only significant invention or contribution that the Bugis made. Before the Perahu, a more primitive-like sampan, for a lack of vocabulary, were invented with balancers at the side of the boat. More commonly used by the Maories, it was first thought that the Moari had invented these boats. Later, in history, it was discovered that the Bugis had been trading with the Moari & also other Polynesian races. Truly the Bugis were explorers of the sea. They had navigation maps from China all the way to Madagascar.

The BogeyMan, I suppose, couldn't have been more truer. While all Malays contributed their nature of 'Amok' into the English text;The Bugis, of all the Malay races, was renowned for their irritable moods & bad tempers.

So, lu orang jgn main² ah! HIDUP BUGIS! HIDUP BUGIS!