Sunday, January 16, 2005

Blind census by aredz

Fear is the element that will consume
Right off your bed & straight into your tomb
Fear is that something you don't comprehend
Or fail to? Or refuse?
That when you did, you made no amends

O ye who believes; It will consume.

Blind is what you choose Over millions of visions of truth
Blind are the visionaryWhose fear shaped children's life-wrenching noose

O ye who believes; It will be their tomb

Pride you fear to lose as vanity prevails
Bring your hand down to clamp mouths of those who wailed
Deafening the silence that grows louder each day
Deaf to deaths as your parable, you give away

O ye who believes; the deafening silence of those slain

Do you not know what you had done?
Do you not see the tears scarred face in the light of the blinding sun?
Do you not hear the heart wrenching cries of fathers in the arms of their dying sons?
The blood that weeps in the womb of their daughters?
The tears that bleeds for a fallen mother?

O ye who believes; Let us pray...