Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I am in a FUNNY MOOD today. Not exactly clowning around kinda funny...just funny. I was surfing through blog pages and came across one blog which caught my attention. The blog page was nicely done. Enough interesting graphics to pique anybody's interest but, what piqued my attention wasn't at all the sephia set photographs, embedded at the sidelines, rather it was the blog itself. The blog was full of poetic words, lyrics, etc. Nice. Then there was this verses of words that suddenly triggered something at the back of my head. I know these words. And when it dawned upon me, I almost kicked myself. Of course I knew those words. It was mine! But what the hell was it doing on someone else's blog????

Frankly, I didn't know whether to get angry or be flattered at the fact that someone else felt my words are good enough to be put up in their blog....but after awhile, I deided on the former. Well he or she should at least have asked me first!

I wrote those words for someone back then. There's sorta history about that & it did triggered something, I had hoped never, to resurface. I almost pasted those words here and then I realized something. I never wanted those words to be around me or in my blog in the first place. It was just one of those things, you know? Well...I've decided so whatever is...is!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ikan Parang Ikan Siakap, Mari dijual Di kota dan desa, Harimau buas boleh ku tangkap, Inikan pula manusia biasa!
_Mana s|kana

This always happens to me...people underestimate me. They often mistook my kindness for weakness and they step all over me.
I never enjoyed confrontations. But things needed to be done. And they'll never see me coming!
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Glass Floors Posted by Hello
The past 3 days had found me hovering between voids of midnights and spaced out moments of afternoon. My job pretty much occupied most time of the day. Even then, I realized the void widening manifesting schism. An abyss I don't wish to explore, but my hands are pretty tied down.
I think I'm stil thinking of the events that happened last Sunday, 19th June...none.

End in the darkness I hear a distant voice calling, and I crept along the crevices of void to avoid in collision of whatever, whenever I moved. And I kept on moving, arms flailing callously; desperate now as I knew I know that voice. End in the darkness my efforts failed me. For the void betwixt us is hollow & wider than my eyes could see now in the end, I still kept on. And the more it faints, that voice. Lost now, but I kept on & on...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

on an early saturday....
at cold, flashing lights of the computer screen....
over head toward the ticking clock...
under my breath..
oh...what the fuck!