Sunday, May 11, 2003


In everyone of us lies an incomprehensive fear. The subject of fear I'm talking about zeroes into a more adult nature - discrimination.
Often, we humans tends to discriminate something that is different from us. Perhaps, something that isn't familiar. We are quick to label it rather than try to understand what is it that we are actually afraid of.
I've been a fan of the X-MEN for years now. I can give you a very detailed history of characters and how they came to be. But apart from its fantastic comic art, I loved the X-MEN titles because it deals with a very serious issue. And I learned alot from reading these comics and came to reflect upon it in real life. Believe it or not, these fictional characters lived out the struggles of racism, sexual discrimination, AIDS, cancer, facism, political struggles and even the tolerance of homosexuality.
I've been laughed at by my peers for holding onto a habit reading these comic books for life. It's fine by me as reading these comics gave me more insight socially than the taunts of discouragement. And if I might add, a couple of my buddies now had gone X crazy after watching the movie X2. One even went into the trouble of mailing me pictures of himself with Wolverine claws!
Personally, I have met and have known people who are different. Define different. But does it really matter? If there's one great achievement in life, it should be the ability to see past superficial transgressions and accept the person. That would be one of the greatest power yet. But still it requires an initiative.
I have alot of friends and occassionally, it saddens me when humour turns into cruelty without realising it. If God made us equal, then where do we go off casting inferiority of our fellow humankind? Realize it or not, every each one of us are walking sacks of shit. Comprende?
Maybe next time you will think before mouthing off how black the skin colour of a person or how fat someone looks or ugly. Maybe you ain't so goodlooking yourself, bitch!
Maybe you'll try to not think of the skin colour but how warm his/her smile is, something like that.
If Scout, Jem & Dill learned that Boo Radley is much as a victim they were, I don't see why we can't.

That's it kids! Rock On! Rock neber die! The gig's planning is going on real smooth. And I believe that everyone who lived through the 70s & 80s will find this gig a sweet trip down the memory lane.
Y'all can find out more abt the gig via the link I've provided at the bottom of the page. Or you can do it now: ROCK ON!!!

Spread the word people and ye shall Rocked!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2003


Labour day was a very social day for me. Hey, I managed to surprise myself meeting a lot of new people in just a day! I had a wedding invitation by an old classmate of mine. Destination: Marine Terrace. I wasn’t too crazy about it at first when I got the invitation card. Instead, I was trying to remember the faces of my friend’s sisters since that was more entertaining than the idea of going to a wedding. I hate weddings and not to mention that the venue was set on the other side of the island. Not the idea of 2 people getting married per say, it’s just the whole ceremony affair that is so damn exhausting. And there always some instigating aunts and grandaunts poking their noses in your personal life affair.

Anyway, I was supposed to meet Mandom at 12.30pm on Labour Day and attend the wedding together. (Is there any reason that I am attending a wedding with another guy???) Yeah, I had the tough luck of having Mandom as a classmate in my graduating year as well as the 2 fun years in ITE. As some would know, it’s hard to have fun with Mandom around, hehehe! But I had the feeling that he deliberately became my classmate either because of a) I am a Hensem guy. So naturally, tagging along with me would broaden a guy’s chance to score with a chick, b) my charismatic personality simply awed him into idolizing me, c) or I’m simply a lovable guy & he had misinterpreted the lovable part into something else. (Mandom, I love ya, man but not like THAT)

So, I was on my way meeting Mandom when there was an earthquake and the ground cracked, shooting water. I was stunned at what happened and barely had the time to recover when a huge monster crept out of the crevices of the opened ground. If I wasn’t mistaken it was a Kraken, a kind of sea monster, which somehow managed its way to Jurong West. This grotesque monster went about callously flailing its tentacles terrorizing small children! It was then I told myself, the wedding had to wait. Somebody had to teach that damn monster that it’s wrong to scare off small children like that. Taking a deep breath, I went to face the great odd, which may very well end my life. I didn’t care; I had to stop this stupid monster.
It had been quite awhile since I fought something this big. Thankfully, I always carried my light sabre along wherever I roam. Screaming at the top of my lungs, “Hey you big, flat, sotong-like bully! Pick on someone your own size!” I managed to get the Kraken’s attention because it’s face scrunched up for a second before taking a swipe at me with its slimy tentacles. I ducked and then somersaulted over its tentacles and at the same time slashed my light sabre through them.
“Woof! Woof! Mauuuu!”
I smiled, feeling the satisfaction of hearing the wretched beast howling in pain. That’ll teach him to terrorize small kids. But I spoke within too soon because new tentacles began to grow where I’d slashed them. And this time there were sparks coming off the tips of those goddamn tentacles! Suddenly without warning the Kraken shot a lightning bolt at me! But thank goodness, my reflex was quicker and I caught the end of that lightning bolt with my palm absorbing the impact steadily just as Master Yoda had taught me in TV. With great effort I managed to feed the bolt back to the Kraken.
“Woof! Woombeeek!”, Hah! Poor Mr Octopy got entangled wif its own widdle lightning bolt.
I knew it was then or never, I placed my light sabre in front of me and leapt into the air. As I somersaulted, positioning myself over the top of the Kraken ready to deliver my fatal blow and send it back to whatever hole that spawned this abomination, I took a deep breath. When I open my eyes I let out a cry that would strike fear in the hearts of most evil of men.

Kaza Ryu Sen – The 9 revolving Dragon Hammer Slash of the legendary Hiten Mitsurugi Style!

It’s all over in a second. Remnants of tentacle and goo lay all over the ground. It was messy I tell ya. Instinctively I glanced at my watch and remembered Mandom. Shit shit shit! There was no time for me to catch the bus or even a cab. So I had to fly, and in mere seconds I reached my destination and psionically preventing Mandom from leaving me behind, I called him on my cell phone. He wasn’t too happy about it. I wanted to tell him the truth, I swear I did but it would mean I had to compromise my identity as a Jedi Ninja. There were so many people out there who depended on Jedi Ninja for protection and justice. I was in torment, my Jedi senses picked up the violent thoughts of mandom. And I decided to face it like a man. I told him that I had set the alarm clock late and that was the reason for my late coming. After being reprimanded by such harsh, cruel and chastising words, I hung my head low in shame and asked for forgiveness. In my heart of hearts, if only mandom knew….

So we arrived at the place without much fuss and had a great feast. As I was depleted of energy, I took in more food than I am used to. I only had rice. Mandom reprimanded me more by not allowing taking the meat that was served with the rice. And all I could do was sulk.

After an hour or so, we headed to City Plaza where Ezjazz & his merry men are scheduled to meet other fellow bloggers. I felt apprehensive of this whole affair, blame it on my shy nature. Hopefully my shining buddy will be there since mandom had been so rigid with me. How I wish I could show him my rigid stuff! (Did that come out right?)

By the time I reached the meeting place, everybody had introduced themselves to each other, I suppose. And in turn I was introduced to the rest of the group. They were a bunch of great people. I was quiet though most of the times because there were more girls in number than I had expected. They were shy too but real nice. So Me shy, they shy everybody shy shy. And I look up towards the heavens, praying for strength to go through the day without making a clown out of myself. (You know, we superheroes get mixed up with our goofy alter egoes at times)

I guess the best time was spent at the airport’s Coffee Club where everyone was relaxed and started to get real comfortable around each other. Me and Zedeye are of course very comfy with each other, hehehehe. Plus I saw this bombshell of a flight stewardess, which I didn’t tell no one about! I am still fuzzy with names though. I only got Ridjal, Mr Robot and uhm...Mosh? Moosh? Moshy Moosh? I swear that every time I asked Mary Jazz of the name, she threw back the same question at me. With fighting monsters & weddings all in the same day, my Central Brain Unit is running low in virtual memory. All I can say right now I’m sorry I didn’t get the names right, but I aim to get it all down the next time we meet, yes? After all what good is a super hero if he can’t remember names.
So remember kids do not drink and drive and do not smoke to fly because flying smokers gets trapped in the spider’s web!

Friday, May 02, 2003

What do you want to be when you grow up? Part II of II

Fortunately, our ability to adapt ourselves over situations makes us the ultimate survivors in life. We triumph over our obstacles in life and are able to find us our own place in this world.

However, there are those who are amongst us who cannot adapt and conform together with the social norms. These are people whose handicap is not caused by unwillingness or bad attitude. Their failure to adapt is driven by ideals and dreams, which usually are misconstrued by family and friends, much less the society as a mere fantasy. Introspectively, considering the current social structure, these people held betwixt them the classic sense of disenchantment.

They grew from childhood being singled out all the way into their adulthood. Exposed into the harsh reality of being treated differently, or even laughed at for their thoughts, most likely a person becomes a cynic. An entity with perfect features but a mutated mind, he’s alienated. And when a person is being alienated by people around him, he becomes an anomaly to the society. He is unpredictable and dangerous. But still, this is just a standard speculation.

Perhaps given a chance, this group of disenchanted, alienated and anomic individuals would excel in life far much better than the rest of the society. Negativity is just something we create out of fear and misjudgment. The never-ending debate for an open mind has a point to make. Besides, it is the ones who possess such qualities that helped shaped the modern world.

I was an entertainer, a factory worker, a presenter, a draftsman and currently an event organizer. Looking back, I wanted to be a fireman, a teacher, a pilot and yes, for those who knows me well, a superstar. I’m not sure what else I’m going to add into those lists. But, by God before I am in the 3rd Series League, I’ll know what I want to be when I grow up! (yeah! dats rite I’m still a kid. If u think o’wise, then UP URS!!!)