Friday, August 15, 2003

Bittersweet Symphony

It has been a week since my godson, Syed Mustaqim Syed Mustafa Kamal passed on and everything else seemed to move on without a flicker of notice of a supposed tragedy. In those odd moments of standstill amidst abundant chaos, my eyebrows met in sudden anger and amazement. And then it passed; I too joined in the merriment called life.

Whereas a moment may register seconds, my mind stretched the fabric of time & space into an endless blur. I've lost people that count at an early age & had figured life as much to accept that what is, was. Then why is it different this time? Why did I shed tears for him that is not of my blood when I did not for my dear father? It took me 8 hours to see the answer.

I did not exactly cry on the day of Q's passing but rather the night before. My vision were stretched & I found sadness of a probable loss. Yet, the next day I could afford to smile. I realized then, that Q did not die, not in the classic sense; he passed on. He'll be joining others of his kind, and amongst them is my own brother.

Not all things stay, the same that is. Things change & people change & over borrowed life force, we aren't permanent here on earth. The only constant is change; and to change is hopefully for the better. And I won't shed no tear no more for Q for a warrior aren't made like that. I will smile at his destiny for his is a most noble one albeit circumstances. Over the bridge Q will have wings & shall wait the return of his loved ones.

A dedication to Syed Mustaqim Syed Mustafa Kamal, Al-Fateha....