Tuesday, March 30, 2004


After a couple of years, may I present you the very personification of the idea which this blogsite get its name from. The Sakabato or the reversed edge sword is wrapped up in mystic. To tell the truth, I can't explain much right now. But I'll blog about it real soon....

Saturday, March 20, 2004

And so I have spoken!

For reasons I couldn't fathom, this self is continuingly hard pressed for things to achieve. For those who doesn't know me, my blogs are dangerously incriminating me as the eternal whiner. Simply because I do not whine in the corporeal world. Simply because everybody knows that whining do not help in solving their problems. 'Nuff said about the whining.

Embarassing as it is, my previous announcement, months ago, proclaiming myself as an interior designer extraordinaire had me once again doing the balancing act as the carpet beneath my feet was yanked away. Sheesh! Lucky me, being a master of the ancient jedi arts proved, come what may, and I'll still land on my feet! Heh, nothing bruised cept tip of the ego. Besides, hanging around waiting for projects to emerge from nowhere and being paid on a 'probable' project basis ain't my kind of style. But of course, the company was willing to offer me another job except I don't have the papers....whatever!

So here I am again zombieing day by day... I had thought about the cleaning job I saw on the papers a couple of weeks ago. Why not? I've done the job before. Or that manufacturing company in the far west, they need about 30 to 50 workers to pull the night shifts. Oh, how could I forget about that security job my mom keeps telling me every chance she got.

Am I in dilemma?

It was one of those nights when I sat down by the steps of a park near my aprtment block, trailing endless smokes that would've got people thinking I was a chimney, staring at passing vehicles breaking out into the highway. Other people choose the calming effects of the seaside or a river, but I have a thing about passing vehicles in the highway. Just like I've decided and chosen to make a major move to change my life. And the foundation I seek now is neither money nor a career. It is education. I've discovered something quite recently that only served to reinforce my own beliefs. I am confident. I've strayed from the mainstream path of my society's common existence, 'and took the one road less travelled'.

I have fears & anxieties of becoming the ultimate failure but by God I'll not let it mould thy self from becoming the One I want to be!

Thursday, March 11, 2004


Ladies & Gentlemen! May I present you my doofus of a brother, Rasco! Ain't gonna blog much abot him cept, he is a pain in the %&*#!
Pretty much conceited over his looks, he's the self-proclaimed LADIES MAN.
But I love the guy. Get past the superficiality and you'll get the Man. Oh, uhm, he told me to broadcast to all the ladies out there; if y'all wanna...er...ask him out...y'all shud just tag me! Oh brother!

I've placed new links on this website just for fun. The EYE link will take you to a gallery full of eye pictures. As for Anime, well...wat can I say but I am a comic freak and the link will take you guys to a website dedicated to the characters that I will be showcasing soon. The pics that u see here r of Himura Kenshin aka Hitokiri Battousai & his teacher/sensei, Hiko Sejuiro XIII. Both masters of the Hiten Misturugi Ryu Order, the novel depth depicted about their swordsmanship was the most intriguing part that attracted me to this anime.
Would get Mandom's squeeze to help me out in reconstructing this site soon. That is if she aint too bz! hehehe...With what I have in mind, it'll blow away even Ez Jazz's Jazzy site! Til then...RobinGDFellow bid all adieu...&..er...hv fun browsing the anime!

Monday, March 08, 2004

(you decide)

I often tell people I know to always step back for a second from whatever they're doing to really know what they're doing. But, impatience is a natural state for human beings. Even little ol me blogging this off ain't spared from scrutiny. However, we can appropriate ourselves from this state into a more manageable and tolerable situation.

What we should never allow ourselves to be, is impulsive.

It's a common problem though. And often the fine lines between morals and survival are challenged. Yet, how do we actually define morality or even survival? Does the same principles apply when it comes to basic issues of bread & butter? Who or what do we blame when everything morally correct has been done and still we can't put food on the table? Is it even relevant to question morality then?

What? You never lied so that you can get that last piece of pie on the table? If your answer to the last question is yes, then I believe you're on the wrong planet dude!

Perhaps...you could lie just once...or twice even. It's not like you're actually commiting murder or anything. Lie this once and you'll get that bread on the table. Lie twice and hopefully this time it'll be enough to have some of that wonderful marmalade to go with the bread.
It doesn't matter if the bread & the marmalade was already on another person's table. They can go and look for more. And it goes on. And it's easy. Next time it'll be even more easier.

So you eat and another goes hungry. And you feel it's ok. I think? You should be in another planet anyway! (hopefully with vast desert and iron bars to keep you where you are.)