Friday, March 25, 2005

I walk in lands asunder, to journey a destination
Of crumbled leaves over water.
Chirping of birds in tempo of my incoherence
Where the wind blows my feet does follow.

Cracked earth of beauty, despair
Stenched winds, a commodity of life's affair
Bitter taste in my mouth from which I breathe the air
Choked in the polarity, this knowledge I bear.

Come hither, sing me a song
My journey doth take me long
In time, I shall wither
Like crumbled leaf over water.
Early Morning

I must admit I was quite anxious to see if she'd turn up; my friend was still making her decision about joining me on this trip to Kuala Lumpur. It doesn't matter to me anymore if she does or does not, at this point of time. My desire to leave the city of Lions had almost become primal in nature. I was thinking of course, if she did appear...icing!

All things around me had chosen to be cruel. Worse, I can't comprehend or identify if it's without reason. While every fibre of being screamed to lash back, my instincts were even stronger. "I walk under clouds of gray, with spheres of storms in my head..." Albeit the anger, I do see a falling pattern in all these. I'm going to sit it out.

And 5 gruelsome hours and 45 minutes later, I reached the grand plaza of royalties. And the moment I see a familiar face, I knew things going to be fine.
Gonna go grab dinner with suspiciously sacred covenants. The four of us together...imagine!

Monday, March 07, 2005

As Yet Untitled]

Months had passed and here I am, sitting by your window as the wind blows. Oh, sweet cold wind, your caress on my naked skin so comforting. I close my eyes and retreat within the sanctity of this abyss. Lost in memories of your sweet warm smile, I basked in silvery beams la luna and I could almost, painfully, hear you.
I invoke thee...come to me as you had always done before and ask me of my folly. Ask me of my secret smiles and share my pain. Pain I'd share only with you; my vulnerability. To you only because only you knew how to make it all better. But you are the wind, nowadays. You came and now you're gone. And by your window I still sit. Uncomforted and lost, in this sanctum, this abyss. Now the wind caress me no more. She comes only to dry the dew drops from my eyes...

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch has quit the band following a recent religious enlightenment AKA he found God. Its sad to see the guy leaving the band. At least I'm glad, I do managed to catch him live once in Australia last year February. In an online statement, the band announced...more