Thursday, January 29, 2004

While currently nursing my mental block; a good friend of mine requested that I republish my article on the origins of 666. The problem with that would be it requires alot of editing to specify the information that he wants. Well, guess I'm not in an editing mood, dude! But this is the least I could do. An excerpt:

Zodiac-Doctrine of the Black Arts

The ancient worship of the sun god all had elements of phallicism - worship of the sex organs. In witchcraft, the union of the two sex (male & female), is symbolized as a point within a circle with two triangles uniting creating a six point star, a Hexagram, or also known as the Star of David. Now, this Star of David is actually a misconception. King David never carried this emblem which is now the emblem for Israel. This hexagram was actually adopted from witchcraft by Jewish priests whom explored deep into the Babylonians religion during their captivity in Babylon. It is here that witchcraft gained another mask, in the form of the Kabala.

The native Mexican Indians, before the arrival of any foreigner on their land, used the hexagram as a symbol of phallic worship of their cosmic gods. It also symbolizes the 7 planets that moved their way through the Zodiac, where the sun is displayed in a circle with a point in its center. Again we come across the elements of astrology either in the pagan arts or witchcraft. It is enough now to establish that the origins of witchcraft in the Zodiac.

Ancient pagans & the occultist both believed in the immortality of the soul, which would explain claims by psychics that they could contact the spirit of the dead for advice. These believers claimed that, when they die, their souls would take up position in one of the stars.

Chief gods of the Zodiac all have a sacred number. Ancient astrology teaches that the chief god of Zodiac has a sacred number, which is the number 1. Babylon was where astrology & idolatry began. We shall now uncover the mystery of this Babylonian philosophy that evolved into witchcraft & through few examples, see how it had become part of today's culture.

Originally, letters of various alphabet characters had some numerical significance. Although modern English had lost its numerical attributes, there are still characters in many different languages that held its numerical significance & reference to the sun god (1), whose symbol is either a bull or a serpent. The first letter alpha or aleph, of the Greek alphabet holds the meaning of bull or ox.
In Hindu, there's an elephant god. Take the root word of elephant and you'll get eleph. Now is it by chance that this elephant god is a phallic idol? Or that to commemorate it's life giving function, Hindus observes the first day of the week, Sunday? Everything First were dedicated to the elephant god such as the first day of the month, year, first born son & first fruit of labour during harvest.

Ancient astrology considered the number 2 to be a female number & is attributed to the Mother Goddess, the second member of the godhead. This number was also thought to be evil or a bad omen. In Hebrew-Chaldean, the second alphabet is Beth, a feminine sounding name that carried the meaning house. The moon, symbol of the Mother Goddess is considered as the monthly house of the sun in astrology.

The number 3, is identified with the pagan godhead of Baal, Ishtar & Tammuz. It held a trinity significance - the 3 aspect of the sun god as Ruler of Heaven which is the (i) Heavenly Bull, (ii) Serpent & (iii) Fish (Neptune). This adaptation of the sun god can also be seen in Hindu belief. When the sun rises in the east, he is Brahma, at noon he is Siva & when the sun sets in the west, he is Vishnu. Therefore, the number 3, in astrology, represents Trinity.

The number 4 is also a sacred number in astrology for the sun as Ruler of the four quarters of the universe, four divisions of the zodiac, the four seasons & four directions. Here, Lets analyze the origins of the Christian Cross. In contrary to popular belief, the cross did not originate from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The cross is actually derived from the initial of Tammuz. And the cross were known back then as the mystic Tau. It was a symbol for the sun worshippers long before Jesus were born. This cross of the mystic Tau was used by the Chaldeans to sacrifice a first born child to the sun god. When it is all said & done, ironic it seemed that Jesus was supposedly crucified on the very cross that was originally used to worship the devil himself!

The pentagram is the representation of the sacred number 5 in astrology. We had already discussed about the pentagram earlier on so let's move on to the number 6. Many languages that has connection the history of the pagan arts begins the initial for the number 6 with the letter 'S'. Why is this so?
The origins of the letter 'S' is actually derived from a pictograph of a cobra in its striking stance. Snake, Serpent, Satan, all begins with the letter 'S'. Interestingly, the markings found at the back of the hood of the cobra are very distinct markings - O, U & V. These markings in the mentioned & related languages held the numerical value of the number 6! The ancient race also invented names of different serpents based on these letters.

In the Greek numerical system, the letter 'S' is known as Sigma or the original sixth letter of the alphabet. The Sigma which then carried the numerical value of 6 is now, in modern day, carrying the value of 200. The fascinating thing about this is that when the Sigma fell from its original sixth position, so did the other anomalies of various languages. All the sixth letters were dropped from their original position!
Therefore, the word Zeta, which stood in the 7th position, assumed the sixth position.
In the old days, the numbers 6 & 7 were interchangeable, as like in the case of witchcraft. This practise led to the old saying, at sixes and sevens. To give the reader an idea of how these two numbers were used interchangeably, let's take for example the words knife & knives. Or wife & wives, realise, realize, etc. Notice the letters involved in this mystery (F, V, S), all of them have history in the pagan arts.

The history of the number 7 traced all the way to Babylon, as the Giant Serpent of the sky whose 7 heads were a symbol of the 7 fate-controlling planets which serpentined through the Zodiac. The significance of this could be understood further in the Christian Bible. Revelation, 12:3, 9.

We already now know that the serpent is a symbol for the sun god. Now, many names of the sun god when encrypted, adds up to the figure 666. One example shown in the Illuminati; all the avatars (incarnations) of the sun god, which were ten, according to the Hindu belief were called 'Buddhas' or 'Rasees of the Siun', or Sun. The Greek word to describe the Buddhas, or Rasees, is Xiuv.

The word Siun here, is pronounced as 'Ziun'. It can also be written as Xiun. Given that x has a value of 600, I - 10, u - 6 & N - 50, add it all up & you'll get the mark of the beast - 666. The original Roman numerals were I, V, X, L, C, D. The letter M wasn't in the original numerical system as it was added later in history.

I - 1, V - 5, X - 10, L - 50, C - 100, D - 500 => 666

666 Relative of ASTROLOGY

The Zodiac is a narrow band of 18° wide, making a complete circuit of the sky around the earth. This complete circle is known to the occultist as Eternal Life. And according to astrology, the fate of mankind was decided by the position of the stars. The chief gods of the zodiac were actually the 7 planets serpentined their way through the 36 rooms altogether with one room for each 10° of the zodiacal circle. It is here where our present time keeping originated from. The sun dial & our mechanical clock is derived from the 12 houses of Zodiac.

The following are more facts relating to the Zodiac:

1. the ruler has 12 inches to 1 foot
2. 12 units to a dozen
3. Roulette Wheels have a 360° circle with 36 divisions of 10° each & a blank to represent 5 days beyond the 360 days in a year. (it is interesting to look up on an ancient Roulette game called Quetzal / Quetzales. Any relation to the pagan messiah Quetzalcoatl???)
4. 36 no. cards in a 52-card deck. One card each represents the 52 weeks with 12 face cards - 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks & 4 Aces that represents the 4 seasons. It is clear now as to why fortune-tellers use a deck of cards to predict the future; it's derived from Astrology!

Muslims had a reason for rejecting the Old Testament as it is today. The original scripture had been changed & over time brought out the birth of the New Testament. The New Testament was originally written in Greek Language. The Greek name for Satan was Teitan & the modern word for this is Titan. Does it surprise anyone now that the Titanic sank right after the boastful arrogance of its Captain? There is an underlying statement for that particular tragedy.

T - 300 E - 5 I - 10 T - 300 A - 1 N - 50 => 666

The last example of this numerical alphabet mystery that I'd like to illustrate concerns of the mythical fire bird Phoenix. The phoenix is one of the key symbol which tells us that all pagan beliefs had its roots in the Babylonian astrological system. Babylon is the place of birth of pagan worship & in time, these pagan idols emanated from one form to another. Therefore it is very important to know the history of own & others' religion.
The phoenix exists in many cultures & surprisingly all have equal transliterations of the phoenix. The Egyptians, Phoenicians & many tribes of the Indian in North America called this mythical bird Phoenix. According to the book, Mythology of all Races, vol. 12, pg. 54, there is a name called Athtar, which means Lucifer. Athtar was one of the Egyptian gods connected to the phoenix. In ancient Greek, Phoenix is spelt as Fenex. Given the numerical value of this spelling;

F - 6 E - 5 N - 50 E - 5 X - 600 => 666

Without doubt, there'll be some readers questioning the reason of such complex mystery concerning the origins of 666. And of course, those who wave this theory as pure nonsense. Perhaps, it is. But what if this is true? Satan himself vowed to mislead as many of Adam's (p.b.u.h) children possible. Already there are evidence of this shady mystery, teachings of a possible One government, United World, where peace is the supposed ultimatum of this banner. Sounds ideal? This is a way where religion will no longer be a conflict amongst masses for there's no longer a need for religion. Instead, there's a surrogate religion that preaches of peace. This religion called Freemasonry. But then again, another story for another time. So behold! The Uncanny origins of the Mark of the Beast - 666!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


End in the darkness I hear a distant voice calling, and I crept along the crevices of void to avoid in collision of whatever, whenever I moved. And I kept on moving, arms flailing callously; desperate now as I knew I know that voice. End in the darkness my efforts failed me. For the void betwixt us is hollow & wider than my eyes could see now in the end, I still kept on. And the more it faints, that voice. Lost now, but I kept on & on...

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I've got an announcement to make. My brother, the infamous Rasco, been buggin me to let me put up his work in this blogsite. After much consideration, I agreed to let him do so.
Now for those who have been following my blog from the start knows that this blog is tread upon the reverse edge, thus not one any style of writing could be considered conventional. I decide to publish his work as he has it done without editing.
Painful to some - just swallow it!
I happen to envision that this guy has an untapped potential in writing. Criticisms are welcomed but beware silver malice tongues, better able to take as much as u dish out, aight?

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Imagine a world doomed toward sadistic democracy...(part 1)

A world where capital punishment does exist but ruled by a government that is ultimately fair...

Death sentence...choose: by

a) blender
b) vacuum
c) hot iron stamping
d) giant rollers / steam roller
e) typewriter
f) bread cutter machine
g) microwave
h) grilling
i) boiling
j) deep fried

Uhm, I suppose there are other man-made ways that a person could be punished to death. Any Ideas??? Tag!!!

In this cosy outfit of a trance-like ambience, a misfit amidst unplanned decor of a warm sanctum, I bask, and I absorb rays of joyful bashfulness; my company.

Drunk in exotic teas & sour milk, a brewful of smoke clouded my senses in a fresh pulse of inspiration. Oh, brother! our bother a bever-age from bitter sour to sweet. Too sweet then, I fear, as I laughed insanely, but inwardly; not wanting to disrupt the harmony.

Well that's right Khalid, distribute them evenly 'em demisemiquavers with good fingers of Hosyam Ramzy - give Beet-O a run for his silence & Wolfgang a fight with his hair.
Jaunted then I, at the outskirts, my emotions samar sekali!
Ah, but I'm clear about one thing; the tea is sweet as hell!