Saturday, September 24, 2005

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Isn't it strange how some quotes gives you utter clarity amidst your confusion? Sometimes we all encounter depression without realizing what set it off in the first place. And having no answers to our own questions wil only magnify our sense of agony. Perhaps, only by embracing the truth in reality shall we be free of this plague we call depression.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Blind census by aredz

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Fear is the element that will consume
Right off your bed & straight into your tomb
Fear is that something you don't comprehend
Or fail to? Or refuse?
That when you did, you made no amends

O ye who believes; It will consume.

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Blind is what you choose
Over millions of visions of truth
Blind are the visionary
Whose fear shaped children's life-wrenching noose

O ye who believes; It will be their tomb

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Pride you fear to lose as vanity prevails
Bring your hand down to clamp mouths of those who wailed
Deafening the silence that grows louder each day
Deaf to deaths as your parable, you give away

O ye who believes; the deafening silence of those slain

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Do you not know what you had done?
Do you not see the tears scarred face in the light of the blinding sun?
Do you not hear the heart wrenching cries of fathers in the arms of their dying sons?
The blood that weeps in the womb of their daughters?
The tears that bleeds for a fallen mother?

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O ye who believes; Let us pray...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Precious....

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I'm going for that brooding look my uncle's got...time to let the old guy he's not the only artistic guy in the family...!
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*Gasp* uh...big bro..? U aren't serious are ya? Don't taunt uncle Red...he'll raspberry us to death!!!
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Nah! You nuts?! Uncle doesn't know baby talk like we do...he doesn't know. Besides, I'll protect ya from his scary beardy ugly mug...(rite!)
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Hehehe...! Yay! In dat I can show off my pretty pink Wat do you call these anyway??

Friday, September 16, 2005

Grievences in mid September

It has been a pretty wild ride at the office for me. I've worked in few places before but the politics in the office I'm currrently working in so damn bad it stunk!
Bad things are happening right in front of my very eyes and can't do shit about it. In fact, it got so damn sleazy, my boss quitted!
The day he dropped the bomb on us, everyone else in the department started flipping through the classifieds. He's a pretty good boss though. Gives credit to the right people when its due. But now its all fucked.
Fuck y'all Pinky & the Brain. And fuck y'all Spirit for playing chess when y'all should be workin.
And fuck me...what am I doin? I gotta write an article about Koi Fish. What da fuck??!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

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I am pretty....

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so very pretty....

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I am pretty....

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so very pretty...and

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whatever..! Have y'all ever stop to see how beautiful things are around ya??