Friday, September 22, 2006

So...I happen to be sitting with a group of colleagues drinking coffee. I drank tea. One of them started talking about global politics. I continued to drink my tea and zoned out looking at people passing by.
When I came to, they were discussing about terrorists attacks and proceeded to talk about why suicide bombers allegedly provoked Israel into a vicious counter strike. My tea was losing its taste. Then they turned to me and asked, "Why are they (terrorists) doing this?"

me: "Excuse me?"
they: "Why are the Muslims against Israel? Could it be because they are Jews?"
me: "You're insinuating a racist element here."
they: "It's not? You're the resident Muslim, give an insight to this then."
me: "Funny how one should say that. Interchanging 'terrorists' with 'muslims' and you mentioned Jews after Israel?"
they: "We just couldn't understand why the Palestinians refused to acknowledge Israel.."
me: "Then read about it. The history of the Zionist movement back when there was no Israel. There was only Palestine until an agreement was made with then King Faisal to tolerate a Jewish state in Palestine. And now the Palestinians are being driven out of their land. Go figure!"
me: "Y'all do me a favor. Do your homework before you throw questions like these at me. It's very insulting, to say the least!"

I was pissed off. Not because of the questions but rather because I'm a Malay guy. Because it was preconceived that I may not be able to comprehend the situation that they put me in. I was expected of them to react in a certain way that'll attribute to the stereotype. Well, fuck them.

It took me a while to actually have the guts to write this to u. I've read all of ur blogs and there's one particular blog that I came across that struck me hard. I dun noe if u wrote it implying to someone else but it does sound familiar 2 me.
The night safari, the drama and every bits of content in it. I guess it was meant 4 me, then I have this to say. I never left u to begin wif. You said that when u decided to move forward, I retreated. I wanted so hard to work things out between us. I was frustrated when u never took the time to visit me here in JB. U were different & in some ways, u were very mysterious. There even comes a time when I grew impatient of waiting & waiting in vain that is. Now it's too late & the decision that I've made have sealed my fate. I am anything but happy now. I kept thinking of what I cud have done different if only I cud turn back time but that was never meant to happen, not even on my death bed. I am tired of things that I had gone thru & even to this day, I still wept for you in silence.
You had me once before and I've loved u then but now, I have to let it go. I never actually told u this but I'm sure it doesn't matter anymore. It hurts Red, to be standing here married to someone but the true fact is that, my heart belonged to someone else!

Yours faithfully,

I was clearing my email and deleting junks when I came across the email above. I wanted to delete it but finding it really hard to do it. Why? I mean why did I keep this email in Gmail at all?
A reminder. I kept it because I wanted to remind myself, I guess. People close to me are likely to tell me to get over it. And I had. It was quite awhile ago and at my worst I can be a stone-cold hearted bastard. What got me were her last sentence in the email.
It's never cool to know or find out that you could have caused so much hurt and pain to someone out there. Even if it isn't your fault in the first place. And this can never come undone now.
Anyway, the blog that I wrote wasn't intentionally exclusively about the author of the above email. I wrote it in mind of 3 different people but it was designed to her fashion.
And I'll remind myself again and again.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I walk in lands asunder, to journey a destination
Of crumbled leaves over water.
Chirping of birds in tempo of my incoherence
Where the wind blows my feet does follow.

Cracked earth of beauty, despair
Stenched winds, a commodity of life's affair
Bitter taste in my mouth from which I breathe the air
Choked in the polarity, this knowledge I bear.

Come hither, sing me a song
My journey doth take me long
In time, I shall wither
Like a crumbled leaf over water.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I started with alot in my mind to blog about this. Now...I'd say fuck it. I mean..Who are we kidding??!
I'd say let them keep doing what they're doing and soon you'll see that history shall repeat itself again. You'd think that being the Powers that be, they'll be smart enough.
Well let me say this, the price of arrogance will be the loss of all credibility. Soon...!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Croc Hunter

Steve Irwin was a champion to Australia's wildlife conservation. Back when I had access to some eco channels, I used to watch his shows and be awed by his stunts handling usually dangerous and poisonous reptiles. He never fails to mention to the audience to respect these beautiful creatures thus eradicating alot of misconception over these animals.
Steve Irwin 44, recently died when he was filming underwater near the reefs in Australia. He was stung by a stingray through the heart and died although friends and crew who were at the scene tried to revive him.
It is a true loss that Steve Irwin had gone in such a tragic way for his contributions to wildlife conservation is nothing short of a legend.
So this is a tribute to the man who wrestled crocodiles for its own survival.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Spirits, Sprites & Spooks

The theory that presumes Malay magicians or those who have acquired such esoteric knowledge of this mystical world, is that the universe is activated by some cosmic force that permeates all creation. Acquisition of this knowledge would allow the magician the ability to control and manipulate his universe, both animate and inanimate in such a way to produce results which would otherwise thought impossible.

This cosmic force begets many manifestations. Such ethereal entities are known, among others, as gods, ghosts, demons & djinns. These entities can be considered either good or evil, depending on its purpose being invoked for.

The Penanggalan is a spook that floats about in the air with its innards attached.

This is supposedly to be a Toyol, immobolized by a bomoh. A Toyol carries a master's bidding, usually to steal others' valuables.

Top picture: The Langsuir, Bottom: Langsuir after being subdued by a bomoh.