Thursday, October 07, 2004

Cold Winds from the North

Drinking coffee may sometime be a chore when you had something in your mouth before. With effort, my mind takes control of my palate and finally...uhm, Java...
With my craving pacified, my mind galloped away; not to distant planes but rather, right to the sweet young thing sitting opposite me. My mobile vision-panes tucked away, the sweet was slowly taking form of its own! Shape shifting, the changeling! The seduction! I saw pretty good when I made my way to the table. Smiling, eyes widened, the sweet stifled a rather flirtatious giggle. Then the wind blew. My papers flew. And inevitably I knew...the sweet thing laughed! Then pointed out next to my feet. My mobile vision-panes. I had been meaning it as a paper weight when I was distracted. Embarrassed? Yes. Defeated? Never.
I said, "After permitting myself to be the object of your entertainment like that, don't you think I deserve a cup of coffee from you?"
Conclusion: Sweet thing helped me with my papers, bought me a drink and ended up as my entertainment for the night!